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Our skipping rope is built with the highest quality materials to the highest quality standards you should expect and includes a nylon bag so you can carry it easily with you wherever you want to workout


Costumer Reviews

B. Fons


Helps considerably with my chronic epicondylitis. I've found it especially beneficial for weight training and golf. I also find it more comfortable than other bands/devices for lengthy wear throughout a day. Great brace.

Albert Potash


I bought ropes from another sports store, inclusive high brand ropes, i love this one from all other sporting goods beause it was cheap and really good quality, it eaven comes in a bag which is really usefull, offers an amazing sports apparel.

Jennifer Mulvaney


I love my bands they are amazing! They work so well for my leg workouts. I would highly recommend these to my friends and family. Also this company has excellent customer service. I had a small issue with one band and they immediately fixed the isssue. I would definitely buy from them again!

Maria Fernanda Encinas


It was a wonderful Ladder, opened up the package and it was already to go. The Carrying sleeve was a nice touch. Less hassle when going to the park / Gym / Anywhere not at home. 

Sarah Everly


Great product for a great price. Having the 5 different lbs of resistence makes it easy to do any excerise! And I know as I get stronger I will always be able to challenge myself. Comfortable hand grips, easy to use, and good quality.

Louisa Livingston


We love these things. The resistance is printed on each band so you don't have to memorize the colors. Anchors securely to any door. Works muscles differently than weights. 

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